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Has your door slammed shut and the key is stuck inside?

Don't panic!

Our Locksmith Berlin is available around the clock to provide you with competent and reliable assistance with all your key problems.

For a more accurate price, send us a photo of the property and location
Emergency opening
from 65 Euro

For a more accurate price, please send us a photo of the property and its location.

Emergency vehicle opening
from 85 Euro

for a more accurate price, please send us the model/year of the vehicle and the location

Bicycle emergency opening
from 65 Euro

for an exact price please send us the location of your bike

Safe emergency opening

from 65 Euro.
For the exact price send a photo of the safe

Replicating keys

ab 4,5 Euro.
For the exact price, send a photo of the key

Duplicate car key
from 15 Euro.

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Locksmith service in Berlin

Notö specializes in the quick opening of cars and apartments. We are your reliable locksmith service in Berlin and are available around the clock. Our expertise includes fast emergency door opening, emergency opening of bicycle locks, car opening, opening safes and making key copies, including car key copies.

Emergency opening

Our team of experts guarantees a fast and reliable door opening to provide you with quick access and security

  • Door opening Berlin
  • Locked out or lost keys
  • Emergency door opening
  • Door opening without damage
  • Emergency locksmith services in Berlin
  • Locksmith Berlin – 24 hour emergency service
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Kfz Notöffnung

Professional car opening in Berlin without damage

Are you standing in front of a locked car door or have you lost your car key? Don't worry, we're here for you! As specialized key service providers for car openings in Berlin, we offer fast and professional help around the clock.

  • Car opening without damage
  • Car opening nearby
  • Professional car opening for locked car doors
  • Car opening without damaging the paint
  • We are there for you day and night
24/7 car opening emergency service: Whether it's day or night, our emergency car opening service is always at your disposal. Give us a call if you need our help and we will take care of your car opening needs in Berlin and Brandenburg. +493025055118 +491756220406


Our key duplication service offers you a quick and precise solution. We offer key duplication for a wide range of key types.

+491756220406 +493025055118


Don't waste any time if you need to replace a car key in Berlin. Our specialized service is at your disposal to provide you with a replacement key quickly and efficiently

+491756220406 +493025055118

Extra Dienst

Exchange & repair work

Wait only 30-60 minutes

We open the locked door quickly and reliably